Are Slot Machines Rigged Online?

The most common question amongst slot players is whether slot machines are rigged online. A simple answer is no, slot machines are not rigged online. In fact, it would be unlawful for casinos to rig slot machines. Not only could the casino site lose players, but it will lose its license. This would cause the casino to lose money and considering the amount of money they make, we don’t think they would want that. There are also numerous things that could help you identify whether or not a slot machine is legit or if it has been rigged. Keep reading to find out how you can weed out the rigged slot machines the good slots online

Are Slot Machines Rigged Online?

How To Spot The Slots That Are Rigged Online

Whether you are new to playing slot machines or have been playing the casino game for years, it is important to be able to differentiate rigged slots from legit machines. There are plenty of fly-by-night casinos that are only in the business of robbing players of their money. These are casinos that you should be avoiding. The same goes for casinos that tend to forget to share important information such as the slot RTP or use a faulty RNG to ignore the fairness of games. To make your life ten times easier, here are five things that you can look out for when looking for legitimate slots online.

1.     Play at Reputable Casino Sites

It is rare to play at a legitimate casino site that offers slots that are rigged online. These casinos will also be powered by reputable software developers. Some of the most trustworthy slot machine creators include industry giants such as:

2.     Casino Licensing

Look for the casino’s licensing information once you’ve found one that is backed by reputable software developers. All legitimate casinos that provide non-rigged online slots will have a license from a reputable jurisdiction. These jurisdictions issue licenses that obligate the casino to provide games to its customers. It also implies that the casino must be audited on a regular basis. The games’ fairness will be verified to guarantee that the RNG slots work and are completely random.

3.     Random Number Generator

The RNG, or random number generator, converts a string of digits into the slot machine results you see after a spin. This code ensures that each spin yields an entirely random result.

  1. Return to Player

The return to player (RTP) on all slot machines is a percentage that is normally displayed with the machine. It shows how much the slots pay out. This enables you to compare which slots pay out consistently. Playing slot machines with an RTP of 94 percent or more is recommended because they are the most fair.

5.     Slot Machine Volatility

Volatility ratings are provided by several sites for their slots. High-volatility slots have large jackpots but a lower RTP. With a low rating, you’ll be more likely to win a prize, but it will be smaller. So, picking slots with a volatility that best matches your game is important. Are you looking to win large jackpots by playing games that have high volatility which wins less frequently? Or you would rather have more frequent wins but get small wins?


Downside Of Playing Slots That Are Rigged Online

Now that you know what to look out for, we thought we share with you a few downsides of playing rigged slots. Of course, losing money is one of the biggest concerns that comes with playing rigged slots but that isn’t all. There are a few other risks to consider when playing on an online slot site. Remember that no method will give you an advantage in a rogue slot machine that is designed to deceive you.

Casino sites that are offering these rigged slots could also be after your personal information. By this we mean you run the risk of having your personal information stolen if you visit this site.

You must enter your name, contact information, address, and most importantly your credit card information to gain access to a casino. When a criminal obtains your identification, they can apply for credit in your name or swindle your reputation.

By clicking on a slots machine that is rigged online, you can get exposed to the possibility of harmful software infecting your computer or mobile device. This type of software can lock your computer and display a screen instructing you to pay the rogue casino operator to release the program. Other types of malware can record every key you press on your keyboard, revealing critical information like PIN numbers and passwords to thieves.

Final thought

Remember that these illegitimate casino operators stand to gain more from your personal information than just your money, leaving you vulnerable to creditors and authorities. So not only are they offering rigged slots to swindle you out of your winnings, but they could also have more malicious intentions. So, be careful!

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