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What are the 6 Luckiest Numbers?

luckiest numbers to bet on

Many lottery numbers can be lucky, but the ones considered the luckiest globally are 6, 7, 33, 38, 40 and 49. The numbers were put together after reviewing the draws that happened in different countries. These countries include South After, Canada, Greece, Spain, Poland, the UK, and Germany. The draws that were reviewed happened over […]

Can Casinos Ban You for Winning Too Much?

ban for winning

No, you will not be banned for winning too much when playing at a legal casino. You will only get this kind of treatment if you are playing at a crooked casino and are trying to scam people. Legal casinos don’t ban winners because they can use this as advertising to get more people to […]

Do Banks Allow Online Gambling?

Yes, some banks allow transactions that are meant for online gambling. Furthermore, these banks recognize and understand that using credit cards for online gambling can cause harm. Hence, they have technology systems and tools to ensure they are used moderately. The tools they use will track your spending, cap it, and introduce customer directed blocks. […]