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How Do I Always Roll A 6 With Dice?

Roll a 6

Dice games are generally classified as games of luck. And a known fact about these games is that nothing is guaranteed. But many players choose to not rely on luck alone and have come up with various techniques that may or may not better their chances of securing that number 6. Techniques for Rolling Dice […]

What Does Jack Mean in Poker?

Jack Card

A jack, also known as a “knave” is one of the playing cards you find in a traditional pack of cards. If you are familiar with a traditional pack, you’ll notice that there are face cards, and there are numbered cards. The jack is one of three face cards found in the pack, the others […]

Game of Thrones Characters

Game of Thrones, GOT for short, is a wildly popular TV show that aired on HBO from 2011 to 2019, surviving 8 seasons. The drama series had fans all over the world and was a trending topic each time a new episode or season aired. If you are a fan then you are likely to […]

Which Slot Provider is Best?

A slot provider refers to a software developer that produces slots, or that specializes in developing new slot machine games for casinos. Slots are also one of the most popular casino games, and if you are a slot fanatic then you might be interested in knowing who the best slot provider is. This way you […]

Is it Possible to Beat an Online Casino?

Beat a Casino

Is it possible to beat an online casino in any given casino game? Every gambler has wondered at least once whether its really possible to beat the casino. Thoughts like this are especially common given the various casino conspiracies that exist today. But not all the information you read online is true, so to avoid […]

Female Gamblers That Have Taken the Industry by Storm

Top Female Gamblers

It’s no secret that the gambling industry is dominated by men. And there’s a long-complicated history that would explain why this is the case. But thankfully times have changed and women have begun taking up space in various spheres of life, gambling included. In honour of International Women’s Day which is celebrated on March 8, […]

Best Sport Themed Online Pokies

Sports Themed Slots

Could you ever have imagined a world where sports and pokies meet? Well, that’s made possible thanks to sport themed pokie machines. Pokie machines and sports betting are both forms of gambling, but they are worlds apart. Pokies are for the light-hearted gamblers who value the joy of playing over the joy of winning. Sport […]

Gambling Songs That You’ll Love

Musicians write songs about their experiences, certain topics, or feelings. Love songs are a common topic. But not many songs are written about gambling and casino life because it’s such a taboo topic. But, there are a few popular musicians that have crossed this line and made songs that are absolute bangers. Below we list […]

Bingo Lingo That You Should Know

Can you even claim to know a game if you are not familiar with the unique lingo used in that particular game? Well, Bingo is one of the games that uses an interesting set of terms when referring to numbers or letters on a bingo card. But, if you are not familiar with these terms, […]