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Best Online Betting Systems 2023

Recently updated on January 10th, 2023

Betting Systems

A betting system is like a recipe that guides you on what bets to make, when to make them and how much money to bet per round. Most betting systems are created based on the belief that they’ll help better your chances of winning, but how true is this?

In this guide, we’ll identify and discuss some of the most popular betting systems out there. We’ll also analyze whether any of these systems actually improve your chances of winning.

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Betting Systems Page Content

Most Popular Betting Systems

The Martingale System

This particular system is arguably one of the most used betting systems out there. It’s also quite easy to use and is based on the premise that you double your last wager after every loss. And when you win, you simply revert back to your starting amount. Let’s use the game of roulette to illustrate how this betting system works.

Let’s imagine you start your betting with $20 on the colour red for the first round. If you lose that round, you’ll bet $40 on red the next round, thus double. If you lose again, you’ll have to bet $80 and so on. This betting technique will continue until you win. When you do win, your winnings will surmount to more than your losses which means you’ll make a small profit.

Betting System

The upside to using this kind of positive progression betting system is that you stand to win money back eventually. The downside is that you might not have a large enough bankroll to continue doubling if you experience an extended losing streak. And, if you do have a big bankroll to support this, eventually the system might require that you bet more than the table limit, which isn’t allowed.

The Paroli System

The paroli system is also called the reverse martingale because it’s exactly that- the reverse order of the original martingale system. Here, instead of doubling your bet after every loss, you’ll double your bet after every win instead. This system rides on the idea of striking while it’s hot which might seem like the safer option to most players.

It’s advisable to only double your wager up to three times after every win to be extra safe. How much you decide to increase your wager after every win is completely up to you.

For example, if you bet $10 on black in the first round and win, you’ll bet $20 or more in the second round. If you win again, you’ll bet $40 or more. This will then mark your third consecutive win, and it’s also where you’ll stop doubling your bet. If at any point you lose, you simply revert back to your starting amount.

The reality is with this betting system you are more likely to lose more than you win. But if you are lucky enough to bag consecutive wins then you might walk away with a good payout.

The Labouchere System

This betting system requires that you set a winning goal and work your way towards that goal during the game. So, let’s imagine that your win goal is just $100. What you must do is write down this amount on a piece of paper along with different smaller amounts that when tallied up equal your goal amount. In this instance, these amounts could be $10, $40, $30 and $20.

Your first bet amount will consist of the first and last amounts in the sequence. Using the sequence above, your first bet will be $10 + $20 = $30. If you win that round, you will cross out the $10 and $20 betting options which means your sequence will look something like this: $10, $40, $30 and $20.

But, if you lose the round, you must add the amount you’ve lost to the end of the original sequence. This betting system for winning and losing will continue until you’ve reached your goal amount. But, we’ll admit, you are more likely to run out bankroll before you reach your goal. The Labouchere system is another example of a positive progression betting system.

Best Betting Systems

The DAlembert System

The D’Alembert betting system is also beginner-friendly and is similar to the Martingale system previously mentioned. Like the Martingale, the D’Alembert is a negative progression strategy that requires you to increase your wager amount after every loss, but decrease it after every win. The only difference is that here you get to increase your bets at a much slower pace.

This betting system is most commonly used in roulette and works best on even money bets. This system is based on the gambles fallacy which implies that the more you lose, your chances of winning increased to the exact same amount. In other words, the more you win, the higher the probability of losing becomes and vice versa.

So, if you are playing roulette, the D’Alembert system says that black numbers should come up just as much as red numbers throughout the session.

How to Test a Betting System

We’ve mentioned some of the most popular betting systems and have discussed the efficacy of each. But you don’t have to take our word for it, you may test these systems out yourself if you have the resources to do so.

To test a particular betting system, you must run a computer simulation because it’s the only way to ensure you get accurate results. Running a manual test isn’t feasible because you’ll need to gather data for hundreds of thousands of rounds, if not millions.

It’s best to run a computer simulation on many short sessions as it’s better to interpret the results for those. Not everyone has the skills to run a test of this nature themselves so you will have to hire someone to write the computer program for you. Alternatively, you can learn how to code yourself but this may take months to perfect so hiring someone is the easiest route.

Might we add that computer-generated results (what you’ll get from running a computer simulation) is as good as results from a live session. Some people believe that because a betting system failed during an online session doesn’t mean that you’ll experience the same fate at a land-based casino but this isn’t necessarily true. Many tests have been conducted where the results of a live casino game were compared to an online game and the results for both were completely random each time.

Do Betting Systems Work

Using a betting system in our opinion is no better than wishful thinking. The house has a built-in advantage over every player and no betting system has proven to achieve a long term advantage over the house. When tested, it showed that it’s most likely for you to lose the majority of your sessions or rounds regardless of whether you’re using a betting system.

Some betting systems may increase your chances of winning small amounts of money over short periods, but this is hardly anything to celebrate when you consider the large amounts of money you will have lost before you make a little money.