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Best Online Bingo Tips

Welcome to the best Bingo Tips guide. Statistics show that about 96% of players that play blackjack religiously have won the jackpot at least once. You can credit this to experience. But, even the most seasoned players have said that experience is not always enough, you also need a few online bingo tips to help you get ahead. Besides, experience hardly ever makes a significant difference in games of chance as compared to skill-based games.

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Bingo Tips Content

Bingo Tips and Tricks

Below we detail 13 ways to win bingo. Our online bingo tips strategies work well for beginners and experienced players. So, to help you win, our bingo experts have put together this guide with some of their most values bingo tips to help you win.

Practice Online

One of our best bingo tips for players is to practice by playing bingo online first. This gives you the advantage of being able to play in the free-play mode first, before playing for real money. This way you improve your overall confidence in the game and how its played.

Bingo Tips

Prepare Yourself Ahead of the Game

Preparation is key not only in academics or the work place, but in online gambling too. The day before you head to your nearest bingo hall, be sure to get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast the morning of. To play bingo, and to follow the caller, you must be alert and you cannot be alert when you are hungry or sleepy. Also hydrate during the game.

Play Against Smaller Crowds

When you get to the bingo hall, we suggest you scan the room first. The more players there are, the more bingo cards are in circulation and the less your chances of winning becomes. We suggest you stay away on busy days during the weekend and try a quite week day instead. This way you are not competing with as many people. The overall sum of money you stand to win will be significantly lower in smaller crowds, but at least you stand a chance to walk away with small but frequent wins. This is better than no wins at all.

Familiarise Yourself with Winning Patterns

To win bingo, you must have completed one of the winning patterns. But, you won’t know if you’ve won if you don’t know what patterns to aim for. A standard bingo game offers four ways to win. You win by forming a diagonal, vertical or horizontal line. You can also win by forming a cross.

Manage Your Money

Bingo is a super affordable casino game but this doesn’t mean that you must spend money recklessly. Many players can share testament on how quickly money disappears when you are having fun. This is why it’s important to set a budget and to stick by it. But, the trick is to decide on a budget beforehand and not when you are already playing. The casino monster might have already caught you by then.

Verify the Casino Site\

The last thing you want to do is be scammed out of your money while you’re trying to make money. This can happen when you play at rogue casino sites. We always advise online players to verify the online casino site first, before signing up and making a deposit. Check if they have the right licensing information displayed and read a few reviews to find out more about others players experiences at the casino.

Top Bingo Tips

Change Your Cards

Online players have the advantage of changing their set of bingo cards if they are getting nowhere with their current set. There’s no point in pushing if you’ve been playing for hours with nothing to show. If you aren’t winning, simple swap them out for another set. There should be a button close by indicating that option.

Choose the Best Seat

When you are playing online, where you sit doesn’t matter. But, for those bingo hall players, it’s always best to aim for the best seat in the house. This is usually found up from where you are close to the caller so you can hear properly, and free of any distractions in front of you.

Secrets to Winning at Bingo

The bingo tips we mention above is but one of the things you can try to help you win at bingo. There are also many bingo strategies out there to help you. Two of the most popular bingo strategies is the Granville and Tippet strategies. You can read all about them in our other bingo guides. In our opinion, having good tips, strategies, a decent bankroll, and a bit of luck are some of the secrets to winning bingo.

Play Bingo Online

Now that you have a few tips to work with, you should feel more confident to tackle a game of bingo online. We have some of the best bingo sites listed in our table above. At our sites, you are able to play bingo for real money and for free! When you sign up you will receive a welcome bonus to start off with. There are also other types of bonuses that you can expect from the casino the more you play.