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Can You Cheat at Video Poker?

Yes, you can cheat at video poker, but we advise against it. There are always players interested in how you can cheat at video poker to win all the time. So, they devise various ways to cheat to make the video poker machines payout.

However, these games are not susceptible to cheating because they are unlike table games, where you can pay off the dealer or manipulate the cards. There will be cheats that work, but eventually, you will be caught.

can you cheat at video poker

How to Cheat Video Poker

Below we have listed how people have tried to cheat at video poker.

Taking Advantage of Glitches

If you are playing video poker machines at land-based casinos, some of them may have glitches that you can take advantage of and win. However, this is a complex task, and you will be lucky to even pick up on the glitch in a game. However, in the end, you will still get caught.

A perfect example of this is Kane and Nestor’s story. They picked up on a glitch in the Game King 5.0, which IGT developed. They had figured out that the glitch would be enabled when you activate the Double Up feature. This feature allows you to have a second gamble by doubling your initial bet. They worked out the sequence of buttons that would confuse the coin denomination input.

When playing a Double Double Bonus poker game, they would play with the lowest coin denomination of $0.01 and wait until they had a high hand. Instead, they will not press the Cash Out button and put in the sequence button they had worked out to change the coin denomination. This allowed them to change it to the maximum bet for the game. Then once it was chance, they would only cash out, which would payout based on the new coin denomination.

However, they did end up getting caught, going through a court case, and not going to jail, but they had to surrender the winnings they made from the game.

Tricking the Machine to Play for Free

This also applies to the video poker machines at land-based casinos, and it is one of the oldest tricks of cheating at video poker. To play with this trick, you would have to insert your coin in a way that will trigger the game to start and pull it back. This will be repeated until a jackpot is won.

These days, video poker machines don’t use coins but paper money or vouchers to counter this trick. But there were still players who managed to find a way to do the same thing with paper money.

Should You Cheat at Video Poker?

Cheating video poker or any casino game is never advised. You will eventually get caught and be required to pay back the money you won because of the cheating, which will be harder than when you were cheating.

When playing online video poker, the games use a Random Number Generator (RNG), ensuring that the results are independent. This makes it hard to find a way to cheat in the game. However, there are basic strategy charts that you can use to improve your chances of winning. The chart guides you on how to play each hand you are dealt.

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