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Most Popular Gambling Idioms

Ever been to the casino and heard a few sayings that you simply didn’t understand? Well, ever heard of gambling idioms? These are sayings or phrases that people use which are unique to cultures, countries, regions or even activities such as gambling. If you listen carefully, idioms almost sound like a whole different language even […]

How Do I Always Roll A 6 With Dice?

Roll a 6

Dice games are generally classified as games of luck. And a known fact about these games is that nothing is guaranteed. But many players choose to not rely on luck alone and have come up with various techniques that may or may not better their chances of securing that number 6. Techniques for Rolling Dice […]

Who Invented Roulette?

who created roulette

If you’ve ever wondered who invented roulette, your search is over. The popular casino game that we know today was invented by Blaise Pascal, a French inventor, mathematician, and physicist. This physicist, on the other hand, was not attempting to invent the game in the same way that he was attempting to invent the perpetual […]

Weirdest Bets You Can Make At a Casino

Gambling and chance games are extremely popular but did you know that casinos are also places to place the weirdest bets. There is a long history of gamblers wagering on the outcome of special events, to dice games and interesting sports bets. While most bettors nowadays would rather buy a lottery ticket or play roulette […]