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Does Every Roll of Scratch Offs Have a Big Winner?

Yes, every roll of scratch-offs that is produced has a big winner. Each roll produced will have several guaranteed prizes, including the biggest jackpot. However, it does not mean that every scratch card will have a winner.

If there are winners who claim a prize, it will be marked and removed from the list of prizes to be won. Even if the big jackpot prize is won, if other prizes have yet to be won, the scratch-offs will continue to be produced. The lottery will stop producing the scratch cards once all the prizes have been won.

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How to Improve Your Chances of Winning

Scratch cards are a game of luck; there is not a lot that you can do to change the outcome of the results. What’s more, when you play online scratch cards, the games are not affected by the results before or the future games. However, you can practice responsible gaming, which can make a difference in winning or losing.

Below are some tips for playing the game better and having a better chance of winning.

Don’t Play Tickets that Already Have a Big Winner

If you aim to win the big jackpot, avoid buying a ticket from a roll that already has a big winner. That means that you have no chance of winning the big jackpot. However, if the other prizes are worth taking a chance on, you can consider buying tickets from that specific roll. Before you buy the tickets, be sure to check the prizes that remain and make your decision.

Check for Ticket Rolls that Still Offer a Big Jackpot

The lottery usually has more than one scratch card game that you can play. If you find that the one you are interested in no longer has the big jackpot, you can check the other games. You might be able to find a game that still has a big jackpot that can still be won. You can even check if the other games still have other prizes that have not yet been won.

Consider Buying Your Scratch Off at Retailers with Fewer Customers

Even though this does not mean that the scratch-offs at the store will have a card with the big jackpot, however, should the store have it and it has fewer customers that buy the cards, you might have a better chance of buying the card with the big jackpot. So, do keep in mind that not all the cards on sale will have the big jackpot, let alone a prize.


Scratch cards can offer great big jackpots, so trying your luck on them is never a bad idea. They are simple to play and give you a chance to win a prize even if it is not as big as the popular lottery games.

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