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Game of Thrones Characters

Game of Thrones, GOT for short, is a wildly popular TV show that aired on HBO from 2011 to 2019, surviving 8 seasons. The drama series had fans all over the world and was a trending topic each time a new episode or season aired.

If you are a fan then you are likely to have grown fond of certain characters, and undoubtedly despised others. But since you are here now reading this blog its fair to assume that you are a fan of casino games too? So why not merge the two worlds and make it fun. Which of the characters in the show is most likely to enjoy and excel in games like poker, roulette, pokies, the lottery, blackjack, and video poker? Let’s find out.

Matching GOT Characters with Casino Games

Here are a few familiar names from the show. Based on their personalities and roles, we’ve guessed which casino game each person would most enjoy. Lets have a look.

Cersei Lannister – The Wicked Witch

Cersei is one of the GOT characters that you love to hate. At the start of the show, we witness her not fully living in her purpose or realizing her potential. She was often mistreated by her then husband and has endured much heartbreak.

But all those experiences gave her thick skin and awakened a powerful spirit within her. As the show progressed, we saw her become less afraid and more daring. Her hunger for power and might grew by the day and so did her ruthlessness.

A game like craps might be a good pick for Cersei. The game is relatively complicated, there’s a lot of bets and rules, and the playing table looks intimidating. It’s the kind of game you cannot ace without experience and a deep understanding of the game.

GOT Characters

Petyr Baelish – The Manipulative Mastermind

Lord Petyr Baelish is what we call a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He goes about his life manipulating people into thinking that he cares and has their best interest at heart when all he really cares about is himself. It’s his desire for riches and power that drives him to behave this way. He doesn’t come from a rich family, so he almost has to try twice as hard to make it.

Petyr might be able to put his skills to use in a game of poker. Light bluffing and somewhat fooling your competitors is a part of the game so he will go far.

Brienne of Tarth – A Loyal Servant

Brienne of Tarth is a woman of great stature both physically and in character. She is big built with long legs and more strength than the average female. She is also incredibly loyal and has a deep urge to protect all those she loves and is called to serve. Behind the serious face she always puts up lies a personality that we think might enjoy blackjack.

Khal Drogo – The Stallion

Khal Drogo was chief of a Dothraki tribe, and their way of living differed greatly from the other characters. He too was a man of great stature, but unfortunately, he suffered an untimely death. The way he died in many ways does not match up to who he was which is unfortunate. Perhaps a game like baccarat is a good pick for him – you either win or lose.


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