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Here’s What Your Go-To Casino Game Says About You

Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible for your favorite casino game choices to somehow mean something about who you are as a person? Well, studies have found that your go-to casino game picks may be a good indication of your personality.

We then handpicked a few of the common game choices at online casinos today and looked at the personality traits being picked up for each. Have a look at our findings below.

Pokies: Shy but Fun Introverts

It’s no surprise that pokies are one of the most played games both at online and land-based casinos. Pokie lovers are described as fun, loving introverts who love their own space, but enjoy some time out and about every now and again. Pokie machines allow these types of players to have fun while still maintaining that sense of calm that being alone brings.

Poker: Daring Smart Players

Poker is the complete opposite of pokies. This game is best suited for extroverts who are daring and love a challenge. To win in poker you must be highly skilled and slightly manipulative as some of the most basic poker strategies involves pulling a good poker face and somewhat deceiving the other players.

Gambling Personalities

Baccarat: The Rich Socialite

Baccarat is a game that’s been previously featured in James Bond movies. And, if you are familiar with the Bond character you’ll know that he’s a very handsome, rich, and weirdly dangerous character with a rich taste for life. In many ways, this exemplifies the kind of personality of players who enjoy playing baccarat. We might be wrong, so if you enjoy baccarat and what we’re describing is not who you are, don’t feel bad. The game can also be enjoyed by those trying to get rich.

Bingo: The Family Orientated Player

Bingo is a very light, family-friendly game that requires very little skill or bankroll. When you picture a bingo hall you might be imagining it with lots of elderly people and their mates. But, that’s hardly a true depiction. Bingo is enjoyed by people of all ages so don’t let that stereotype scare you away from enjoying the game.

Lottery: The Ambitious Player

The lottery is in many ways a very ambitious game. You are randomly (or strategically) selecting numbers in the hopes that a random number generator will draw those exact numbers, subsequently making you a millionaire. The odds of this happening are very low and that’s a fact written all over history. But yet, lottery players play with so much hope. They truly are ambitious in their own right.

Roulette: Charming Boys and Girls

Roulette is a charming casino game that attracts many charming boys and girls. The roulette table, the wheel, and everything about the game looks classy and historic. Roulette players are always smiling and sharing flirtatious laughs around the table. This makes playing roulette a lux hobby best suited for those who enjoy the finer thrills in life.

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