How Do I Always Roll A 6 With Dice?

Dice games are generally classified as games of luck. And a known fact about these games is that nothing is guaranteed. But many players choose to not rely on luck alone and have come up with various techniques that may or may not better their chances of securing that number 6.

Techniques for Rolling Dice

We have to admit that the path to landing that much wanted 6 may not be an honest one. But desperate times calls for desperate measures, especially when real money is on the line. Here are some of the questionable techniques that have been used to roll a 6.

A Loaded Dice

Land based casinos use their own game equipment and these are changed often to make the games as fair as possible. This makes cheating at a land-based casino quite difficult. The loaded dice rolling technique also does not apply to online games because here games work using casino software  and not actually physical playing equipment.

How to roll a 6

But you may be able to fool your friends or colleagues in a casual game using loaded dice. Loaded dice refers to dice that has been tampered with to make it heavier on one side, specifically the side on the direct opposite side of the number 6. Because that side has now been made heavier it means the die is most likely to land on the heavier side face down. This means that the 6 is most likely to be the number displayed at the top of the dice once it comes to a standstill.

Controlled Throws

You can also try to control how you throw the dice onto the table. This technique requires a lot of patience, but overtime may prove to be effective. The key is to be slow and intentional with how you launch the dice. In this instance the preferred outcome is a 6 so how you throw the dice must be conducive to making a 6 the most likely outcome. You can do this by holding the dice on the most opposite ends of the number 6 which can be on numbers 2,3,4 or 5.

Microwave Dice

Microwaving your dice is perhaps the most desperate way of securing a 6 but it’s an option nonetheless. What you do is you place your dice in the microwave with your desired number face up, so when you place the dice in the microwave make sure that the number 6 is the number facing up. The number one is the number on the opposite end of a 6 so that will be the number facing down. By microwaving the dice you make the bottom part of the dice melt slightly thus making that side heavier. This essentially means that when you throw the dice it is most likely to land face down on the heavier side with the lighter side displaying up. You must only microwave the dice for two to three seconds to avoid melting it too severely. You do not want to make it obvious that the dice has been tampered with. Protection Status Protection Status