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How to Claim a Winning Lottery Ticket

Whether you are gambling online, or purchasing a physical lottery ticket at a retailer, it’s worth your while to know how to claim a winning lottery ticket in Australia. Who knows, you might need to come back to this blog sometime in the future when you experience the fortune of winning the lottery.

So, what happens when you win the lottery, what is the first thing you should do and how do you go about claiming a winning lottery ticket. Let’s find out.

Terms and Conditions

The processes involved in claiming your lottery winnings can differ depending on how much money you won, as well as the kind of game you played. You can only claim your winnings in the province where you purchased the ticket, and the grace period lotteries give you to claim your winnings may also differ depending on where in Australia you live.

Winning Lottery Ticket

How to Claim in Store

Here is a breakdown of the claiming process in each state.

  • ACT/NSW: If you win a prize under $1000 you can claim your wins from a lottery retailer. If you won more than $1000 you will have to visit the nearest head office. The same applies for big jackpots.
  • NT: In this state, if you win less than $1500 you can claim your winnings at the nearest retailer. For payouts higher than this you have the option of claiming your wins via post using a claim form. Jackpots and division 1 prizes can be claimed this way too.
  • SA: In South Australia, the minimum win amount eligible to be claimed at a retailer is dropped to just $500. Payouts of up to $5000 can be paid out over cheque or EFT. You can also claim at your nearest head office. Any amounts higher to than this can only be claimed at the head office.
  • QLD: In this state, prizes between $1500 and $3999 can be claimed at a retailer while any amount higher than this must be claimed via post with a claim form or directly from head office. Jackpot prizes must be claimed at head office and they are subject to a 2-week waiting period.
  • WA: Lottery claims in this state work the same. Prizes over $500 must be claimed at head office or via post office using a claim form.

Claiming a Lottery Ticket Online

If you played a lottery game online and managed to secure some wins, your money will most likely be paid straight into your casino account. You will have access to it soon after and will receive communication from the casino informing you about the payout. Jackpot wins have more delayed processes. You will have to wait about 2 weeks for your win to be verified and approved. Only once everything has been cleared will you receive your winnings.

Claim Grace Periods

Its useful to know exactly how long you have before you lose your winnings due to failing to claim. Fortunately, though if you live in Australia, you will have more than enough time to claim – we’re talking years. Have a look.

  • New South Wales & Australia Capital Territory – 6 Years
  • West Australia – 12 Months
  • Victoria & Tasmania – 6 Months
  • Queensland – 7 Years
  • South Australia – 12 Months
  • Northern Territory – 3 Years

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