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How to Predict Sic Bo

Players should be aware that they shouldn’t necessarily be required to bet a large amount of money, it is a small bet as an entertainment fee. This gives players a chance to learn and better predict the game. From the experience drawn from longtime players, on your next bet you will find yourself much more confident. Anticipation and calculation help reduce the risk of losing money than placing a bet indiscriminately. This doesn’t guarantee that a player will win the first time after placing a bet. However, it helps increase the chances of winning.

How to play sic bo

History of Sic Bo

Sic bo is an ancient Chinese gambling game that is played with the use of 3 dice. The sic bo game table is very similar to a roulette game. Sic bo is also known as Dai Siu, Tai Sui, Hi-Lo, or the Big and Small game. Thise games of chance are is very easy to learn, however scic bo may seem very complicated at first.

Playing sic bo relies on 3 dice, each with 6 faces. The dealer will roll the dice and after each spin, the number or score that appears on the 3 sides of the dice, will be considered as the result. The general rule is that, when the total score is from 4-10 the winner is a small bettor, and from 11-17 the winner is a big better. The results are random; however, the prediction skills help increase the chances of winning.


To predict sic bo, when the results are consecutive Small or Big.It is wiser to bet strongly on the first rounds because they become more stable in the middle. Also the game’s bet stake gets reduced in near the end. The results normally alternate within 3 to 4 games. Sic bo game players are advised to follow the game rules and bet strongly. It is possible to bet 3 games of small, 2 games of big, 1 game of small. This bridge will eventually clear when there are 5 turns. Normally the first rounds are where players confirm their guesses. Therefore, the following rounds, the player should just bet lightly then strongly if their judgement was correct.

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