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Is it Better to Play Slots or Video Poker?

Pokie games and video poker games are often confused with one another because they look the same, but they are not. The confusion comes about because both games are played on a machine and operate using random number generators. But they differ quite a bit in gameplay, overall objective, and payouts.

But what makes each game unique or fun to play, and is it better to play slots or video poker? Well continue reading as we uncover the answer to this question.

Slots or Video Poker?

Here are some of the key differences between a video poker machine and a slot machine. Read through it and decide which game is better for you.

Luck and Chance

The first difference between the two machines has to do with what’s needed to win. Pokie machines are based on luck alone and you’ll need a lot of this if you want to win real money. Video poker games on the other hand require a bit of both. You need to be lucky enough to be handed the right cards, and skilled enough to know how to build a winning hand.

Slots or Video Poker


Pokie machines may be the more appealing option as far as payouts are concerned. Some pokie machines are what we call progressive jackpot machines, and if you play on one, you automatically get placed in the running for the overall jackpot. These jackpots are usually very high amounts of money with some reaching well within the millions. But if you are not playing on a progressive machine, you may still receive sizable payouts especially considering the various boosters in the game like multipliers, free spins and wilds that could potentially increase your overall winnings.

Video poker machines however have a fixed payout which is largely based on the payout table for the game. There are high ranking hands which pay the most and there are low ranking hands which pay the least. A royal flush is the best ranked hand in the game and the general payout for that is 1000 to 1.

The Fun Factor

Pokie machines are arguably more fun than video poker machines. The former is flashier and pleasing to the eye. It comes in a variety of formats, styles and themes and gameplay. You don’t have to do much, and these machines are designed to make a spectacle out of you winning which further motivates you to win.

Video poker machines are fun too but the stress of winning and needing skill/strategy can take away from the fun. They are not as flamboyant as video poker machines, but their design is super appealing too.

Well, there you have it. There’s more to be said about these games but that will take all day. Instead, may we suggest you visit any of our online casinos to play for free or real money. From there you’ll get to decide which game is better for you!

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