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Is it Possible to Beat an Online Casino?

Is it possible to beat an online casino in any given casino game? Every gambler has wondered at least once whether its really possible to beat the casino. Thoughts like this are especially common given the various casino conspiracies that exist today.

But not all the information you read online is true, so to avoid being misinformed we’ve compiled this guide with all the facts about gambling and possibly winning at a casino site.

Beat A Casino – RTP and House Edge

There is two main concepts that you need grasp with regards to this topic – house edge and RTP. These two things are essentially what makes an online casino “unbeatable”. The house edge refers to a percentage that the casino will deduct from every wager you place while gambling at the casino. This amount will be deducted whether you win or lose. Now, some casino games have a reasonable house edge while others are sky high. Return to Player (RTP) percentages apply to pokie machines mostly and it refers to how much of your original wager you will win back, should you win. But even here, you won’t the full wager back so whatever the outstanding amount is will go to the casino.

Beat An Online Casino

House Edge

Games like blackjack offers favorable house edge that can be as low as 1% at come casinos. In roulette, you can minimize the house edge depending on the game you play. American roulette has the worst house edge of the three variations standing at around 5.27%, while the European version has a house edge of 2.57%. The best decision in this case would be to play European roulette where the odds are more in your favour.

Sometimes the house edge can differ depending on the bet you place. Craps for example is a game that has a long list of betting options. Pass or Come bets hold a house edge of 1.41% while field bets and any craps bets hold house edges of 5.56% and 11.11% respectively.

Return To Player

Pokie machines are generally gambler friendly because of the low betting limits found in some and the fact that you stand a chance to win back a decent portion of your wagers. Of course, the trick here to is always bet the maximum amount so that you in turn stand to receive the max payout. The average machine will have an RTP of 96%, but the real gems are the ones with an RTP of 98% – 99% for obvious reasons. Its very unlikely that you’ll find a machine that offers 100% cashback. That would result in no profit for the casino.


So, is it possible to beat a casino? Yes and no. There have been many players in the past that have won large sums of money from casinos playing all kinds of casino games, but big wins does happen very few and far between. Stats prove that you are most likely to lose money than win money from the casino, although the opposite can occur. It just takes a lot of defying the odds to experience that kind of luck.

We often forget that casinos are businesses who want to minimize losses by any means. So, it’s understandable why they would put all these measures in place to protect themselves and to ultimately guarantee a profit.

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