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Is It Possible to Delete My Online Casino Account?

You may have previously wondered – how do I delete my casino account? This is not an everyday question and the reasons that prompt this kind of action may vary from person to person. But let’s assume that you would like to close down your account, how do you go about it? Can you later reopen the account with no hassles? Do casinos still keep your information? Will you ever be able to open a new account at that casino? Stay tuned to uncover the answers to some of these questions.

Why Delete Your Account?

As mentioned above, people’s reasons for wanting to close down their casino accounts may differ. It could be that you no longer want to gamble online, you might have found a better casino that you would like to try, you may no longer agree with the casinos fine print or you might be dissatisfied with the level of service at your current casino – whatever the case may be.

If you never see yourself gambling online again then completely terminating the account may be an option for you. The alternative is to temporarily suspend your account until your grievances have been resolved or until you feel you’ve had a long enough break.

Delete Accounts

How to Close Your Casino Account

If you would like to close your account, you can send in a formal request to the casino and inform them that you would like to have your casino account closed down. casinos usually have more detailed information about this on their terms and conditions or FAQ pages. But if you don’t find any information there you might have to contact the casino directly and have them assist you.

Be sure to withdraw any remaining balances that you might have on your casino account. If it happens that your remaining balance is less than the minimum withdrawal limit at the casino you may be allowed to withdraw but there may be a service charge given to you by the casino for essentially making them bend their minimum withdrawal limit.

How To Temporarily Close Your Casino Account

Remember permanently closing your casino account is not the only option. You can also opt to temporarily suspend your online casino account if you would like to take a break, or if you fear that you might be developing a gambling problem. To do this you must notify the casino that you would like to have your account suspended and negotiate the terms of the suspension with the casino. Or you can implement some of the self-exclusion measures that casinos provide where you limit how much you spend when you gamble as well as how long you gamble for.

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