Weirdest Bets You Can Make At a Casino

Gambling and chance games are extremely popular but did you know that casinos are also places to place the weirdest bets. There is a long history of gamblers wagering on the outcome of special events, to dice games and interesting sports bets. While most bettors nowadays would rather buy a lottery ticket or play roulette some people, on the other hand, will wager on anything. This is even if the chances are stacked against them. They’ll do it in the strangest ways possible. Of course these don’t go unnoticed as they make gambling all that more interesting. Here are some of the most outrageous wagers placed by people.

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1.     Animal Bingo

Bear with us we take you through this strange concept. The most common animal bingo betting extravaganza is ferret bingo. This is where ferret owners bring their pets and let them loose in cages with tunnels. The creatures travel through tunnel mazes, each with its own similar labyrinth. If you’re wondering if this is legal, there are no laws prohibiting the following sports, which explains why people continue to gamble on this “sport.”

Cow patty bingo is another game where you bet on where the cow will go about their business in the field. Isn’t it strange? Would you trust us if we told you that this strange wager is getting increasingly popular around the world?

2.     The Next Pope

Betting on the future Pope appears to be a dangerous game, especially since faith and gambling are rarely combined. In fact, when gambling is deemed illegal in a jurisdiction, it is usually due to the religious convictions of the majority of the population. With that this hasn’t stopped numerous of people on placing their money on who the next pope will be. Its is completely legal to place the bet and as we speak there are sportsbook and casinos that are taking bets.

3.     Thailand Bird Song Weirdest Bets

Most of us enjoy the sweet sounds of birds chirping in the early hours of the morning, so much so that are people placing bets on those sweet sounds. Yep, bird song betting is a big hit in Thailand. Local men gather around and place bets on which bird will sin the loudest.  The birds are trained to sing song and the loudest bet will make a few men richer  when they arrived. We aren’t talking millions but the bird owner for instance will take a home a cash prize between $30 and $200 or more.

4.     The Royal Family

When it comes to legal betting nothing is off limits. The royal family has been at that center of the weirdest bets made for years now. The bets ranging from royal wedding dresses when a wedding is in planning, to how long the queens reign will last. Any quirky topic about the royal family can easily be turned into a bet. And what makes its more fun is that they are a prominent family and there is array  of opinions where they are concerned.

5.     The Superbowl Weirdest Bets

Prop bets on the Super Bowl are without a doubt the oddest of all NFL bet types. Because the Super Bowl draws such a large crowd, there are more betting options than for any other sporting event. There’s no disputing that prop bets can be a little weird at times. They genuinely take the pressure off all the other serious bets that bring in the big bucks, as weird as they may seem. Some of the oddest wagers we’ve seen include:

  • What kind of hat will Bruno Mars be wearing at the start of his halftime show?
  • Will a player’s girlfriend or wife be on screen?
  • Will a Supporter Rush onto The Field?
  • What happens if a player sobs during the national anthem?
  • Who will the MVP mentioned first in his or her speech?

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Crazy Bettors

Trust us when we tell there are plenty more strange bets to be placed. Pigeon racing in China, bullfights in India, and Pachinko machines in Japan are just a few examples. There have also been some outrageous wagers, such as a $135,300 single bet in roulette. Yes, Ashely Revell put his entire fortune on the line at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in 2004. He was fortunate, since he won $270, 600.

However, things get weirder. Brian Zembic is a name you’ve probably heard of. Zembic is a magician who was falsely accused of being a gambler who would do anything to win a wager. It all began with a wager of $7000 to sleep in a friend’s restroom. He then raised the stakes by spending a week sleeping under a bridge with $20,000 tied to his leg. But that isn’t his most important wager. He agreed to a bet in 1997 that he would receive breast implants and live with them for a year. Zembic, in fact, win the $100,000 bet. He didn’t have the implants removed and turned down a $10,000 bet to have them removed in 2012. In 2017, he was able to get rid of the implants.

Weirdest Bets Conclusion

It’s a strange place to find yourself in the world of the strangest gamble. While it has the potential to make you money, it is a very fascinating notion. It’s impossible to predict how insane the bets will become or what the next big thing will be. Play at our casinos if you’d prefer bet on simpler games like blackjack, roulette, or craps.

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