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What Happens When You Lose Internet Connection While Playing Casino Games?

The game will continue if the reels on the slot are still spinning, you are being dealt cards, or the roulette wheel is still spinning. Once that round is done, the game stops until you regain your connection. What’s more, any betting will automatically stop. So, you will not miss out on any winnings that may have occurred while you lost connection.

Once you get your connection back, you will be taken to where the game stopped and then you can continue from there. However, before you can even get to the game, you must log in to the casino account again. But this also depends on how long you have lost connection while playing.

losing internet connection while playing casino games online

Losing Connection When Playing Live Casino Games

Should you lose connection while playing a live casino game, the hand you were already playing will be played out and stop. Then once you get your connection back, you will be redirected to the non-live version of the casino games, where you will finish the game.

The cards that were dealt while you lost the game will be the cards that will appear on the non-live version of the game. You will then finish playing the game. However, should you regain your connection before the round of the live game ends, you can continue to play that round.

Connection Issues that Can Occur

On your side, the connection issues that can happen can be caused by an unstable internet connection. However, power cuts can also be affected, but that only sometimes happens compared to the interruption of an internet connection.

It is also possible that the connection comes from the side of the casino. When it does, the casino will refund your bets.

Connection Issue Policies

All online casinos have policies to address what will happen when you lose connection while playing casino games. What’s more, these can also be different from casino to casino. So, it is important to read them to know what will happen once there is a connection issue. It is better to play with a stable internet connection to avoid issues.

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