What is a Skill-Based Slot Machine?

All gamblers know that there is no skill required to play online slots. However, game developers have come up with skill-based slot machines in recent times. These slot games give you a bit more control over the game results. However, luck still plays a role like all the other casino games that require both.

The purpose of skill-based slots is to give players an immersive gaming experience. These casino games combine slots and video games to bring more excitement to the gameplay. However, the games are still yet to be popular amongst players.

skill based slot machine

How Skill-Based Slots Work

A skill-based slot machine has the same concept as the traditional slot game but a few differences. The key differences include the following:

Video Games Based

The skill-based online slots use the interactivity that is used in video games. The interactivity allows you to have control of certain parts of the game. This control is mostly on the bonus rounds that the games have. You will need the skill to boost your winnings in the bonus rounds. However, the triggering of the bonus rounds will work in the same way as the regular slot games. The skill only comes into play once you start playing the bonus round.

Adjustable RTP

Most online slots have a set Return to Player (RTP) percentage. Even when you have triggered the bonus round, the RTP will stay the same. However, this does not apply to skill-based slot games because their RTP becomes a variable. The skill-based slot machine will only have a different RTP on the base game to get additional percentages once the bonus rounds are unlocked. Your ability to play that bonus round will affect how much you win.

Skill-Based Slot Machine vs Classic Slots

Both the skill-based and classic slots are not that different; they just offer a different gaming experience. Both the casino games still require luck for you to win the biggest payouts. However, the final say about which ones are better will come from you because you can decide which ones you like the most based on your experiences with both. The video games component of skill-based slots will probably appeal more to millennials.

Even with the skill involved, the house still has an advantage over the player. Playing these slot games will not have the odds be in your favour, but it can significantly affect your winning chances.

Top Skill-Based Online Slots

So far, we are impressed with Betsoft’s collection of online slots that require a skill. However, they are not the only provider to have developed this kind of casino game. You can check out their Max Quest series from this software provider, including Wrath of Ra, Mission: Amazon and Dead Man’s Cove.

Scientific Games, Next Gaming, GameCo and Konami are some providers that have also developed skill-based slot machines. You can play Arkanoid, Space Invaders, Danger, and Beat Square from these providers.

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