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Big Money Bang at Yoju Casino

The Big Money Bang is a competition you don’t want to miss! Running from the 1st to the 14th of February 2024. This event is set to be fun and has a total prize pool of $120,000. So, there are plenty of reasons why you should play online slot games for real money.

In the Big Money Bang, you will find: Cupid’s Edition! Yes, that’s right, we’re adding a touch of love to the mix to spice things up. Week 1 starts on 1st of February, and the excitement keeps going strong into week 2 starting on the 8th of February 2024.

big money bang


How to Qualify for the Big Money Bang

To be eligible for prizes in the Yoju campaign, players must meet certain requirements:

  1. Bet at least $0.5 per spin.
  2. Complete a minimum of 100 spins.

What players should understand:

  • During the qualification phase, all points earned will be saved and counted for each player who meets these conditions.
  • Players who haven’t met the qualifications will still be listed on the leaderboard, but their names will appear faded until they qualify.
  • Points are awarded based on the highest payout and highest multiplier achieved in a single round. So, aim high and stack up those points!

How the Series is Set

Throughout the entire campaign, players can earn additional points through various means:

  • Qualification: Players who pass the qualification stage during each regular TNT event will receive 200 points.
  • Betting: For every $100 wagered during regular TNT events, players earn 1 point.
  • Tournament Placement: Points are awarded based on a player’s ranking in each regular TNT event:
Place Points
1st 1000 points
2nd 500 points
3rd 250 points
4th-5th 200 points
6th-10th 150 points
11th-100th 50 points
101st-150th 30 points
1st place: 1000 points 1000 points

Play Online Casino Games

These are the real money slot games you can enjoy at Yoju Casino:

Gold Nuggets Coin Volcano Hit The Gold 3 Coins
Green Chilli Sun of Egypt 2 More Magic Apple 777 Coins
Aztec Fire 2 Hit More Gold Black Wolf 2 Magic Apple


Tournament Prize Pool

The total prize pool for this event amounts to $120,000. This sum is compiled from various pools according to the following breakdown:

$7,000 is allocated for each Regular Tournament, resulting in a cumulative total of $98,000 across all 14 tournaments.

An additional $11,000 is distributed through the series leaderboard, making for a grand total of $22,000 spread across two separate series.

                  Regular Tournament Prize Pool                 Extra Leaderboard Prize Pool
Place Prize Rank Prize
1st $1000 1 $1000
2nd $750 2 $800
3rd $500 3 $700
4th -5th $350 4 — 5 $375
6th -10th $120 6 — 10 $250
11th -20th $65 11 — 30 $100
21 -50 $35 31 — 50 $50
51 -100 $20 51 — 100 $35
101 -150 $15 101 — 150 $20
151 — 200 $15

Leaderboard Mechanics

Each player will receive a unique tournament ID for tracking their progress on the leaderboard. Throughout the tournament, the leaderboard is continuously updated in real-time with each player’s spins. Points earned from wins are displayed and ranked on this leaderboard.

When it comes to finalizing the leaderboard, there’s a 5-minute delay to ensure all data is accurately processed, reducing the risk of any loss. Players may notice a stripped-down version of the leaderboard during this final calculation stage.

Running alongside the regular tournament leaderboard is the Series (Extra) Leaderboard, offering additional prizes. Players can view both leaderboards simultaneously, tracking their progress across the entire series of tournaments.

The series leaderboard, visible on the right side of the PromoUI, showcases a player’s historical points accumulation and highlights the extra prizes available for the series.

Prizes from the Series (Extra) Leaderboard are awarded concurrently with the conclusion of the regular tournament series, specifically on February 1st, 2024, at 23:00 UTC, and February 14th, 2024, at 23:00 UTC.

Big Money Bang Tournament Rules

Only players who have met the qualification requirements are eligible to claim prizes. Participation in the tournament is restricted to rounds played with real money.

There are no additional fees beyond the cost of spinning to enter the tournament.

In the event of a tie between two or more players, those with earlier results will receive better prizes.

Tournament rules are subject to change and the Yoju casino will not be accountable for any malfunctions.

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