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The Star Casino Executive Cleanout

The Star Casino has undergone an executive clean-out pending a final decision on whether to keep its Sydney branch licence. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Robbie Cooke, and other senior staff have resigned. The cleanout makes a way for a change in leadership to prevent the discontinuation of the casinos licence in Sydney.

This comes after the Sydney casino’s second independent inquiry initiated by the New South Wales (NSW) Independent Casino Commission into its operations in Sydney and after its previous cultural failings. Should the casino be found unfit to operate, their licence could be revoked permanently.


The Star Casino Inquiry

The Star Casino is not new to inquiries. They experienced their first inquiry with The Bell Review for serious misconduct and failure to comply. The findings of The Bell Review concluded that The Star casino engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct in its operations. The Bell Review’s verdict was that the casino is not suitable for running a casino in NSW.

Currently, The Star Casino is being accused of money laundering and regulatory breaches. The second inquiry will be led by the NSW Independent Casino Commission from 15 April until 31 July 2024. This means that the company needs to make significant changes to rectify the matter.

Impact of The Star Casino Inquiry

As one of the largest players in the gambling sector, the situation with The Star affects the operators, regulators, and stakeholders. This serves as a reminder to other industry players of the importance of adherence to compliance measures and Australian gambling laws.

Public Opinion

People’s opinions and trust are among The Star’s main losses. This puts the company in great disrepute and creates doubts about the casino and the casinos previous assessors. Rebuilding the trust might be more difficult to regain.

On the bright side, the decision to conduct a second clean-out shows The Star Casino’s determination to regain its license in Sydney. The company could use this as a second chance to implement a positive change and reshape its gambling practices, setting a new standard for integrity in the sector.


The announcement of a second inquiry into The Star Casino’s operations, led by the NSW Independent Casino Commission sent shockwaves through the gambling industry. As the inquiry continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the importance of regulatory compliance and maintenance of integrity in gambling.

The company could have avoided needing a second chance to implement changes if they had followed due diligence. The road to reformation will have its challenges. In the meantime, The Star has an opportunity to redeem their tarnished reputation in an industry that thrives on public opinion.


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