CyberBingo Sparkling Bingo Tourney

Be a winner in the Sparkling Bingo Tourney hosted by Cyberbingo. Join the Mid-week online Bingo fun in the Diamond Bingo Room every week in January. This exciting tournament offers cash prizes up to $500. The more games you win, the higher you’ll rank on the tournament leaderboard.

There are prizes for the top 20 players every week, making the Sparkling Bingo Event a great opportunity to win big! The exclusive tournament takes place weekly from 6 pm EST on Tuesday until 11:59 pm EST on Thursday in the Diamond Bingo Room.

Each time you win a Diamond Bingo game, you’ll earn a point towards that week’s Sparkling Bingo Tournament.

cyberbingo sparkling bingo tourney


How to Participate in the Sparking Bingo Tourney

What you need to do:

  1. Sign up for Cyberbingo and participate in the exclusive Sparkling Bingo Tournament for a chance to win one of 20 weekly cash prizes, each worth up to $500.
  2. The Sparkling Bingo Tournament takes place every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the Diamond Bingo Room, running from 6 pm EST to 11:59 pm EST.
  3. Make sure to buy your lucky cards for the tournament because every game you win contributes to your ranking. The more games you win, the higher you’ll climb on the tournament leaderboard.

Sparking Bingo Tournament Prizes

There are already hundreds of reasons to play Bingo online at CyberBingo Casino! But with Cash Prizes for the Top Three Winners and Bingo Bonus prizes for our remaining 17 winners, and we’ve just given you 20 more good reasons to join us for the Sparkling Bingo Tourney.

4th$100.00Bingo Bonus
5th$75.00Bingo Bonus
6th – 10th$50.00Bingo Bonus
11th – 15th$25.00Bingo Bonus
16th – 20th$10.00Bingo Bonus



Terms & Conditions

  • Get ready for a thrilling Bingo adventure every week in January, from 6 pm EST on Tuesday to 11:59 pm EST on Thursday. The tournament, held in the Diamond Bingo Room, revolves around the total number of Bingo wins during this period.
  • Here’s the scoop: each Bingo game contributes, but only one win per game counts. If you clinch the top 3 spots, you’re in for a sweet cash prize; others get Bingo Bonuses. In case of a tie, the higher rank goes to the player with the first Bingo win.
  • The real excitement? Cash and prizes are manually credited to winners’ accounts every Friday. To join the fun, make sure you’re an active player who has funded their account in the past 7 days. And remember, any Bingo Bonus prizes come with a 40x wagering requirement.
  • Ready to dive into the action? Check out the general site terms and conditions for the nitty-gritty details. Let the Bingo excitement begin! Protection Status Protection Status