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Level Up Mascot Easy Wins Race

The Mascot Easy Ein tournament kicks off from November 15 to 21, 2023. Get into the action by playing designated tournament games during these dates. It only takes a $1 bet to join the excitement, and with a tantalizing $5000 prize pool up for grabs, the stakes are high.

Players can use any currency, but only real money casino games make the cut. In case of a tie, the player who clinched the points first takes the lead on the dynamic leaderboard. The leaderboard updates every 15 minutes. Let the gaming begin!

mascot easy wins from level up

Mascot Easy Wins Race Qualifying Games

A way to test if a casino game is worthwhile means you’ll have to start playing for free. Thereafter, you can play some of these game for real money and win your share of the $5000 prize pool.

For the Real Fruit Machine x25
Fruit Machine Megabonus Dragons Nest
Cleopatra’s Gem Fruit Vegas

It’s always a good idea to visit Level Up casino to view all the eligible games listed.

How to Participate in the Easy Wins Race

Here’s how the tournament rankings work:

  • Your total spin count determines your standing. For every $1 spin, you earn points based on the number of spins.
  • To break it down, if you placed three bets of $1 each in the tournament, you’d receive 100 points for each bet, totalling 300 points for all your spins. These points add up to determine your score in the competition.

How to Win Playing Online

To increase your chances of winning in the Mascot Easy Wins Race tournament at Level Up Casino, follow these steps:

  1. Participation: Ensure you participate in the tournament by playing designated games from November 15 (00:00 UTC) until 21 (09:00 UTC), 2023.
  2. Bet Wisely: With just a $1 bet, you can enter the competition. Be strategic in your betting to maximize your opportunities.
  3. Game Selection: Explore and play the Mascot Easy Wins Qualifying Games, including Fruit Machine x25, Fruit Machine Megabonus, Dragons Nest and more.
  4. Test for Free: Before committing real money, consider testing the games for free. This allows you to understand the mechanics and strategies of each game, increasing your proficiency.
  5. Leaderboard Strategy: Understand that your total spin count determines your standing on the dynamic leaderboard.
  6. Visit Level Up Casino: Regularly check the Level Up Casino platform to view all eligible games and stay updated on any tournament-related information.

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