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Yoju Casino Turkey Cash Hustle Tournament

The Yoju Casino Turkey Cash Hustle Event is from November 23-29, 2023. The competition total prize pool stands at $45,000. This sum is divided into various categories: $5,000 is up for grabs in each of the seven Regular Tournaments, making a total of $35,000. Additionally, $10,000 will be distributed through the Series Leaderboard in a separate series. All you must do is participate during this period and read the terms and conditions.

turkey cash hustle from yoju casino

How the Turkey Cash Hustle Works

To qualify and be eligible for prizes, players must meet the following criteria:

  1. Place a minimum bet of $0.5.
  2. Complete a minimum of 100 spins. All points earned during the qualification phase are saved and credited to a player after meeting these requirements. Non-qualified players are listed on the Leaderboard but appear faded and in grey until they meet the qualification criteria.

Winning Structure:

  • WIN RACE: if the player placed a $1 total bet and won $120, the player will get 120 Points.
  • MULTIPLIER RACE: if the player placed a $2 total bet and won $120, the player will get 120(win)÷2(bet)= a 60x multiplier = 60 points.

Series Extra Points

Throughout the entire campaign, players can earn Series Extra Points based on the following criteria:

Qualifying in each Regular TNT awards 200 points.

For every $100  bet during all Regular TNT, players earn 1 point.

Placement in Regular TNT results in the following points:

Places Points
1st 1000
2nd 500
3rd 250
4th – 5th 200
6th -10th 150
11th – 100th 50
101st – 150th 30


The winning points are displayed and sorted on the event leaderboard, with the best players always at the top. A 5-minute delay is reserved when forming the final leaderboard to prevent data loss scenarios. During the final calculations, the leaderboard will appear striped until complete. The leaderboard is accessible in any game participating in the Turkey Cash Hustle.

Tournament Prize Pool

The Yoju Casino total prize pool for this event is $45,000, combined from different pools as follows:

  • $5,000 for each Regular Tournament, totaling $35,000 for 7 tournaments.
  • $10,000 for the Series Leaderboard

Regular Tournament Prizes

Rank Prize
1 $500
2 $400
3 $300
4 $200
5 $150
6 – 10 $75
11 – 20 $50
21 – 45 $30
46 – 95 $20
96 – 150 $15


Series Prizes

Rank Prize
1 $1000
2 $750
3 $600
4 $400
5 $300
6 -10 $175
11 – 30 $80
31 – 50 $50
51 – 99 $35
100 – 148 $20
149 – 200 $15


Qualifying Casino Games

Some  of the slot games you can play that contribute towards the tournament include:

Coin Volcano Hit The Gold Grab The Gold
Scarab Riches Scarab Boost Egypt Fire
Crystal  Scarabs Green Chili Sun of Egypt 2
More Magic Gold African Spirit Stick Tiger Gems


Terms and Conditions

Only players who meet the qualification criteria can claim prizes. The tournament is exclusive to real money rounds; no additional fees are required besides the spin cost. Each player receives a unique tournament ID for the leaderboard.

The tournament leaderboard is updated in real-time with each player’s spin. Stats sync every 10 seconds between the game and promo server in the absence of player activity.

Winning points are displayed and sorted on the tournament leaderboard. In case of ties, the players with earlier results receive better prizes.

Tournament rules are subject to change at any time. Any malfunction voids payouts. Oaks reserves the right to cancel the tournament indefinitely without payments based on the leaderboard in emergency situations.

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