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5 Ways of Winning Video Poker

Play video poker with these top 5 tips, typically kept under wraps by casinos. Whether you’re a seasoned or new player, these strategies can significantly improve your odds of winning. From choosing the right game variation and pay tables to mastering the optimal strategies and more.

We’ll guide you through playing online video poker at top casinos. See why playing online video poker can provide you with the winning edge you’ve been seeking. It’s time to take control of your game, make informed decisions, and maximize your chances of hitting those elusive royal flushes.

ways of winning video poker

Top 5 Video Poker Tips

These are five valuable tips for video poker that casinos often keep to themselves. These strategies can significantly improve your odds of winning.

Consider Video Poker Game Variation

If you’re not well-versed in real-money video poker, you might assume that all video poker games follow the same pattern: you place a bet, receive five cards, decide which ones to keep, and then draw new cards, hoping for a winning combination.

However, here’s the critical insight: different video poker games come with distinct inherent odds of winning. Some video poker games have a higher likelihood of paying out than others.

So, if your aim is to maximize your chances of winning at video poker, you should select the game with the most favorable built-in odds. The challenge lies in the fact that you can’t merely glance at the machines and determine which one is the best choice. It requires some research before you begin playing.

Consider starting with Jacks or Better, a game that offers a reasonable chance of winning. Jacks or Better also typically follows a commonly accepted set of rules that enhance your winning potential.

Additionally, you might want to explore Deuces Wild video poker. Many casinos offer a version with rules that make it even more conducive to winning than Jacks or Better. Both video poker variations are well-received among players.

Video Poker Strategy

To increase your chances of winning at video poker, it’s essential to locate machines with favorable pay tables. However, even if you find these machines, success hinges on applying the correct strategy.


Every type of video poker game demands a specific strategy to enhance your overall winning prospects. It’s crucial to recognize that the strategy you employ for one game, such as Jacks or Better, won’t be effective for another, like Deuces Wild.

The great news is that you don’t need to create these strategies from scratch. Crafting an ideal video poker strategy for each game type can be time-consuming and complex. Instead, you can save time and streamline your efforts by acquiring a video poker strategy guide or a convenient cheat sheet tailored to the game you plan to play.

This step is important, even before you commence your video poker session. These strategy guides are condensed onto cards roughly the size of playing cards, allowing you to carry them in your pocket. This way, you’ll always be well-equipped to play video poker with the right strategy readily available.

Choosing the Right Pay Table

Every video poker game begins with a default winning rate, but the different pay tables associated with each game can significantly alter your odds of success.

To keep things straightforward, concentrate on just one or two pay tables for each type of video poker game you enjoy. Once you pinpoint the ideal pay table for a specific game, there’s no need to bother with machines that feature different pay tables.

Your objective is to discover one or two video poker games with a strong potential for success. Familiarize yourself with the pay tables for these chosen games because understanding their fundamental winning rates is paramount.

While you might not always stumble upon the absolute best pay table, strive to uncover the finest options available to you. Take, for instance, Jacks or Better, where the most advantageous pay table is often dubbed “9/6.” It might not be the absolute pinnacle, but it ranks among the top choices, boasting a 99.54% winning rate when you apply the correct strategy. This makes it a savvy pick when navigating the casino landscape.

Claim the Video Poker Bonus

When you play video poker online or on mobile casinos, you often receive a deposit bonus that’s like getting comps upfront, instantly doubling your bankroll.

In video poker, hitting a royal flush or the top-paying hand offers the best chance of winning big, but these hands are rare. That’s where a video poker bonus comes in handy.

To unlock the bonus, you usually need to play a set number of hands. If luck isn’t on your side and you don’t get that royal flush, you might deplete your funds. However, when you do hit that sought-after royal flush, you can clear the bonus and often cash out a win.

Why Play Online Video Poker

These five tips offer a strategic roadmap for video poker success, helping you make informed decisions and potentially increase your winnings. By understanding game variations, pay tables, strategies, and bonuses, you can enhance your overall video poker experience and boost your chances of hitting those elusive royal flushes. Don’t leave your video poker success to chance – take control of your game and play smarter at online casinos.

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