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Call for Ban on Gambling Ads in Australia

An Australian parliamentary inquiry into online gambling and its effects has proposed a series of recommendations to mitigate the potential harms associated with gambling. The report, titled ‘You Win Some, You Lose More,’ highlights the need for a national gambling regulator and a comprehensive ban on advertising for online gambling. The inquiry’s findings shed light on the manipulative marketing strategies employed by online gambling companies, particularly in their association with sports. This article examines the key recommendations put forth by the inquiry and their potential implications for the online gambling industry.

prohibition of online gambling

Recommendations of the Australian Parliamentary Inquiry

The parliamentary inquiry has made 31 recommendations to address online gambling issues. These recommendations include the establishment of a national gambling regulator, imposing an annual levy on online gambling operators to fund gambling harm prevention initiatives, and implementing stronger consumer protections. The focus is on developing a comprehensive national strategy to reduce gambling-related harm, supported by regulatory measures, public education campaigns, and an online gambling ombudsman.

The Need for a National Gambling Regulator

One of the primary recommendations is the creation of a national gambling regulator. Under this proposal, the Australian government would assume responsibility for regulating and licensing online gambling activities while allowing states and territories to impose point-of-consumption taxes. The aim is to establish a unified regulatory framework that ensures consistency and enhances consumer protection across the country.

Ban on Online Gambling Advertising

The inquiry has recommended a comprehensive ban on all online gambling advertising forms. This includes restrictions on inducements, such as sign-up bonuses, and the prohibition of gambling advertising during sports events. The report argues that the pervasive nature of gambling advertising, particularly during sporting events, normalizes and encourages risky behavior. The proposed ban would be introduced in phases, gradually extending to cover all forms of advertising and sponsorship.

Impact on Sports Sponsorship and Inducements

The ban on online gambling advertising would significantly affect sports sponsorship deals. The report calls for an end to all sponsorship arrangements between sports teams and online gambling companies. By severing ties between gambling and sports, the aim is to reduce the exposure of vulnerable audiences, including children and young people, to gambling promotion and inducements.

Phased Approach to Implementing the Advertising Ban

To ensure a smooth transition, the ban on online gambling advertising would be implemented in four phases over three years. Each phase would introduce specific restrictions, gradually limiting the scope and timing of gambling advertisements. The ultimate goal is to create an advertising-free environment without room for circumvention.

Exemptions to the Ban

The proposed ban on online gambling advertising would have certain exemptions. Ads appearing on channels and programming exclusively dedicated to gambling or horse racing would be allowed to continue. This ensures that individuals seeking gambling-related content can access it through designated channels while promoting responsible gambling practices.

Response from Inquiry Chair and Australian Prime Minister

Peta Murphy MP, the chair of the parliamentary inquiry, expressed the urgent need for a comprehensive ban on gambling advertising. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has acknowledged the inquiry’s recommendations and stated that the government will consider them. Albanese finds the current practice of gambling ads during sporting events concerning, especially when targeted at vulnerable audiences.


The Australian Parliamentary inquiry into online gambling has called for significant regulatory measures, including creating a national gambling regulator and a comprehensive ban on advertising for online gambling. These recommendations aim to protect individuals from the potential harms of gambling and reduce the normalization of gambling in sports. If implemented, the proposed ban would reshape Australia’s gambling landscape, creating a safer environment for all individuals.

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