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What are the 6 Luckiest Numbers?

luckiest numbers to bet on

Many lottery numbers can be lucky, but the ones considered the luckiest globally are 6, 7, 33, 38, 40 and 49. The numbers were put together after reviewing the draws that happened in different countries. These countries include South After, Canada, Greece, Spain, Poland, the UK, and Germany. The draws that were reviewed happened over […]

Why is 7 Considered a Lucky Number?

I am sure that we’ve all heard about the lucky #7. But what we may not know is why the number 7 is considered lucky, where this idea comes from, and what exactly are these qualities that make the number so special. Fortunately, your guessing days are over. We went back on the origin of […]

Funniest Gambling Jokes and Puns

What’s life without a little bit of laughter and fun. We believe in finding the humor in tough situations because it helps you see it through. Gambling is overall something that’s super fun to do, but it can quickly become depressing or harmful to your finances and mental health if you do not do so […]