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Top 5 Online Gambling Myths

There are many online gambling myths in the gaming sector, often stemming from a lack of genuine comprehension of the subject. Others persist due to the repetition of anti-gambling advocates, eventually being embraced as truths despite their mythical nature.

Within the sphere of online gambling, a multitude of fallacies circulate, with certain ones gaining such widespread acceptance that they dissuade individuals from engaging in online gaming. It’s unfortunate that some people opt out of experiencing the full spectrum of benefits that online gambling brings due to these misguided beliefs. Here, we’ve outlined prevalent myths related to online gambling and unveiled their actual truths.

top gambling myths and facts

1.      Online Casino Games Are Rigged

One prevalent concern within online casinos revolves around suspicions of game manipulation. Some players hold the belief that because they aren’t physically present with a dealer or a tangible slot machine, the odds might be unfairly tipped in favor of the house. However, this assumption couldn’t be further from reality.

In today’s landscape, players are more informed than ever, and online games offer a transparent game history feature. This empowers those who wish to scrutinize outcomes using algorithms to identify any deviations from the standard game probabilities.

In the current competitive climate, it’s not in a casino’s best interest to rig games. With the rapid spread of information through modern channels, any negative publicity could severely damage a casino’s reputation. Consequently, online gambling platforms take extensive measures to ensure players’ confidence in the fairness of their games.

Casino software providers invest significant resources in subjecting their games to rigorous audits to verify accuracy and dependability. These successful evaluations are often publicly acknowledged to showcase the audit results.

It’s essential to understand that online casino games are not rigged. However, due to the nature of online play, you might go through more hands in the same time span as a live session, potentially leading to a faster depletion of your bankroll.

2.      Receiving Payouts as a Winner is Impossible

Upon hearing a single account of a player not receiving their winnings from an online casino, it’s natural to become apprehensive. It’s important to acknowledge that while there are instances of individuals encountering issues with casinos, they constitute a minute fraction compared to the vast number of global online casino players.

Admittedly, casinos might employ tactics to retain funds in accounts, such as extended pending periods or document verification procedures for confirming identity. Yet, these measures are akin to the gestures of complimentary drinks or meals offered at physical tables. In the end, securing your winnings is a viable outcome. Nevertheless, we recommend maintaining a balance on your account that you’re comfortable with potentially losing, should any unforeseen casino closure occur.”

3.      Games Freeze When Winning Excessively

Occasionally, players experience prosperous streaks while engaging in online play, a phenomenon akin to land-based casinos. However, we’ve encountered accounts of games slowing down or completely freezing during periods of triumph. We regard this as somewhat improbable. Firstly, if you’re achieving victories at an online casino, the casino has a vested interest in encouraging you to continue, as statistical odds lean towards the house’s favor in the long run. It’s counterintuitive for them to impede game flow when your increased betting only enhances their advantage.

Moreover, instances of games freezing mid-hand have come to our attention. Typically, this arises from communication disruptions between the casino’s servers and the player’s device. Frequently, it can be attributed to an unstable internet connection. No cause for alarm exists if you encounter a stalled game in progress – the casino’s server registers the pause, and upon restarting the casino software, the hand seamlessly resumes where it halted.


4.      Online Gambling Is More Addictive Than Live Gambling

The misconception that online casinos are inherently more addictive than their physical counterparts is unfounded. While online platforms offer convenient access to a variety of games, this doesn’t automatically translate to increased addictive potential, contrary to popular belief.

It’s true that online casinos provide a wider array of gaming options, especially if you’re geographically distant from a brick-and-mortar casino. However, in a live casino setting, you’re not required to disclose personal information, making it harder to monitor your gambling behaviour. Conversely, online casinos meticulously track your actions, ranging from logins to deposit frequency.

Leveraging this data, online casinos can adopt a proactive stance in addressing potential gambling problems. They can suggest self-imposed limits and even recommend temporary breaks from playing. We are optimistic that the land-based casino industry could benefit by emulating this approach, necessitating players to verify their identities upon entry as online casinos do.

5.      Misconception of Increased Underage Gambling through Online Platforms

When online casino sites emerged, a significant worry for watchdog groups cantered on the management of underage gambling. Unlike the scenario in physical casinos, where age verification is mandatory before engaging in gameplay, the concern was that minors could potentially register, play with real money, all from the comfort of their homes or mobile devices.

However, this notion is entirely unfounded. Firstly, all casinos mandate players to employ credit cards or other payment methods to fund their accounts. Moreover, in many instances, identification verification is obligatory even before making an initial deposit.


Those addressed above are just a few of the most common myths relating to online gambling in general. We have cleared some of the myths for you so you can relax and gamble online safely. There are many more out there. We encourage responsible gambling at top online casinos.


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