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University of Sydney Introduces Center of Excellence in Gambling Research

The University of Sydney has introduced the Centre of Excellence in Gambling Research (CoEGR) with the aim of progressing the study of gambling conduct and lessening its harmful consequences. Supported by a substantial $600,000 grant from the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG), this center will convene specialists across diverse fields including psychology, economics, business, and public health.

sydney university launches gambling research excellence center

Leading Expert to Oversee Research

Professor Sally Gainsbury, renowned for her proficiency in gambling psychology research, will take the helm at CoEGR. The center’s objective is to partner with significant gambling operators for real time experiments and the creation of strategies that encourage constructive shifts in behavior. The main focus is on transforming research outcomes into effective practical solutions.

Innovative Collaboration with Operators

The collaboration between CoEGR and gambling operators provides exclusive access to de-identified data regarding gambling behaviors. This partnership enables the assessment of interventions and presents an unparalleled chance to establish comprehensive datasets about gamblers.

The center’s researchers come from diverse fields such as economics, business, and mental health. Their objective is to address gambling-related issues from different perspectives and develop practical solutions that are impactful in real-world scenarios.

Holistic Approach and Real-World Impact

CoEGR strives to diminish the negative effects of gambling by adopting a consumer-centric method. It employs creative communication tactics and tools to promote positive behavioral shifts in the initial stages.

CoEGR is seamlessly integrated into the University’s current support systems, guaranteeing a thorough approach to handling gambling-related concerns. The provided funding will additionally aid postdoctoral researchers in exploring the broader societal implications of gambling behavior.

With backing from industry, policymakers, regulators, and community groups, CoEGR’s research outcomes will play a direct role in shaping policies and practices, leading to practical reductions in real-world harm.

Pioneering Research for Responsible Gambling

As a pioneer in crafting a more secure gambling environment, the Centre of Excellence in Gambling Research (CoEGR) stands out as a symbol of creativity. Guided by Professor Sally Gainsbury and bolstered by partnerships with industry frontrunners, CoEGR adopts a diverse disciplinary strategy to mitigate gambling-related harms. Dedicated to converting research into practical remedies, its objective is to cultivate a future of responsible gambling with the endorsement of an array of specialists and stakeholders. CoEGR’s trailblazing ethos holds the potential for a safer and more enlightened atmosphere for everyone involved.

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