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Are Online Casino Games Rigged?

This is a common question among Aussie players. No, online casinos are not rigged. We will discuss reasons why online casino games are not rigged and that your money is safe and secure when you are playing at a reputable online casino.

are casino games rigged

Online Casino Games Are Not Rigged

Online casinos don’t need to rig casino games such as online blackjack for them to make money. Online casinos are some of the most profitable businesses in the world that when they are on the up and up, and the math is on their side, they don’t need to do anything negative to take your money. Online casinos have a RNG (random number generator) to help make every win as random as possible to promote fairness. People have associated online and land-based casinos as legalized stealing not having a full understanding of the legalities an online casino has.

Online casinos are regulated

Every top online casino is regulated by a 3rd party to ensure that all of the online casino games are fair and that every online player’s money as well as their personal details are safe and secure. Some online casinos are regulated by their state’s gaming commissions, while others are regulated by online regulatory bodies.  These regulatory bodies keep an eye on all online casino operations to help give players peace of mind that the online games that they are playing are not rigged. Regulatory bodies audit the random number generators, look at the shuffle machines on the live dealer dealt on online blackjack casino games, and ensure that the player’s money on deposit is separated from the casino itself.


In conclusion, players should first find out who is that specific online casino site’s regulatory agency is, and whether it is a reputable agency or not. If the regulatory agency is a reputable agency, you shouldn’t be worried about the games being rigged or your money being safe. If the online casino attempts to pull a fast one, the regulatory agency will catch it. Any irregularities in the casinos data will be identified because every single card, bet and decision to hit or not is meticulously tracked online.

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