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Why is 7 Considered a Lucky Number?

I am sure that we’ve all heard about the lucky #7. But what we may not know is why the number 7 is considered lucky, where this idea comes from, and what exactly are these qualities that make the number so special.

Fortunately, your guessing days are over. We went back on the origin of this assumption and came to the bottom of it. Continue reading if you would like to know why the number 7 is considered lucky and all the elements that make it so.

Significant Things About the Number 7

If you were to randomly walk up to people and ask them to select a number from one to 10 chances, are they are going to choose the number 7. But why is that? Why are people more inclined to choose the number seven over any other number? Well, mathematicians and scientists have reason to believe that there are special properties of the number 7 that makes it stand out to people.

Lucky Number 7

But the number 7 isn’t only lucky in the world of gambling. There are other things in the world that uses the number 7. Here are some of the one’s that you might find most surprising.

  • There are seven continents on planet earth
  • Snow white and the 7 dwarfs
  • There are 7 days in one week
  • A full rainbow has 7 colours
  • The 7 wonders of the world
  • A musical scale has 7 notes
  • There are 7 deadly sins

The number 7 has significance in many cultures around the world and different people might be drawn to it for different reasons.

The number also has significance in mathematics. For starters, 7 is an odd number which means it cannot be equally divided. Its also a prime number which means that it can only be divided by one and itself. These are just some of the mathematical reasons why people might be drawn to it.

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