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Is Crapless Craps Better Than Regular Craps?

No, crapless is not better than the regular craps game. This craps variation only has a rule different from the regular game. The rule applies to the pass line bet by not losing when you have made a bet. Because of this rule, the game becomes inferior to the regular craps game. What’s more, you don’t lose on the come-out bet. When there is a come-out roll, it is established as the point. These rules on crapless craps shoot up the house edge to 5.4% compared to 1.4% on a regular craps game for the pass line bet.

is crapless craps better than regular craps

Advantages of Playing Crapless Craps

Even though this casino game is not better than the regular craps game, there are benefits to playing the game. See some of them below:

  • Crapless craps have four bets you won’t find on the regular game.
  • The best bet on this game is 6 or 8 because it has a house edge of 1.52%.
  • 7 gives you a chance to win when it is on the come-out roll. It has better odds since 6 of the dice combinations can be a 7.
  • It offers a different way of playing, which is more interesting than the regular craps game.

Disadvantages of Playing Crapless Craps

Anything that has pros will have cons. So, we have listed some cons of playing crapless craps compared to the regular game.

  • As we have mentioned, the pass line bet has a higher house edge at 5.4% compared to the regular game at 1.4%.
  • Since the 2, 3, and 12 don’t lose on the pass line bet, the game gives the impression that it is favourable, which is not true.


Finding a new casino game to try can be interesting. However, always check whether the game is worth playing. Or you can always try it out on free play to find out if it will be to your liking. This will apply to crapless craps. There will be some players who prefer to play it and those that won’t. If you are interested in playing it for real money, it is worth your time and money to find out whether it will be worth it to play it.

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